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Why you should top up your bitcard using bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?

If you are a happy owner of cryptocurrencies, until now you have encountered the inconvenience of not being able to get their value in euros in real time. With bitcard we allow you to change cryptocurrencies in the legal tender currency you have associated with your debit card. In this way, at any time, you can count on cash on your card thanks to the value of your crypto. You will no longer have the excuse to invite your friend or partner to an amazing dinner.

1. Because we provide a secure platform for all countries, , with support and personalized attention in English, Italian and Spanish. You can count on us during the whole process. And if this is your first cryptocurrencies purchase, do not worry, you're in good hands!

2. Because your transactions are carried out with strong computer security measures: Https protocol and SSL certificate, something extremely important in all transactions through the network.

3. Because we are stick to the last news and changes of the bitcoin market, so that you can be perfectly advised. We follow the movements of the bitcoin market and other virtual currencies, their evolution and details to then be able to explain you in a simple way.

4. Because we offer a different option to top up your prepaid bitcard, using bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. You can easily access the value of your bitcoin within minutes. Our service allows you to get the value of your bitcoin without resorting to the traditional bank transfer and dealing with the long wait in order to have available the value in your currency.

5. Because our philosophy is open, and even if you are not yet a client, you can ask us any questions you may have. We are passionate about cryptocurrencies and we love to share this passion with others passionate about this interesting world.

6. Finally, and as a summary, we would make a brief reminder about our activity. Bitnovo.com is definitely a brand that uses bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as the epicenter of transactions, in a simple, fast and safe way, from Spain and for the whole world. But bitnovo is also a platform for collective knowledge about the culture and the market of this fantastic virtual currency called bitcoin. If you haven't done it yet, now is a great time to start using our service.

7. Because our prepaid card is the only one that allows you to top it up with many cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and