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Sales points where to buy bitcoin and cryptocurrency vouchers

The bitnovo vouchers are redeemable for bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency available on our website. You can buy them in more than 30.000 points distributed among Game, Fnac, Eroski, Worten store, tobacconists and other Bitnovo points. The agreement reached with these large commercial areas and franchises makes bitcoin and cryptocurrencies available to anyone. The crypto vouchers are the easiest way to purchase cryptocurrencies with total security and they are also the fastest system, since you will receive your crypto in your virtual wallet in record time. Remember that you can also buy cryptocurrencies from the comfort of your home, by card or bank transfer, in a few steps.

Bitnovo Crypto Wallet
A new service to securely store your bitcoin and Dash.

The Bitnovo Crypto Wallet is the simplest way to store, send, receive and manage your bitcoins and Dash funds. Buy cryptocurrency in cash at more than 30.000 Bitnovo points of sale and top up your wallet instantly. Send your Dash easily and instantly through Dash Text and Instant Send technology.

Once the App is downloaded, you will able to:
- Redeeming the Bitnovo vouchers directly on the wallet.
- Convert cryptocurrencies into euros.
- Find the nearest point of sale through the store locator...
and much more...

Download it FOR FREE on App Store and Play Store ...
Be the only owner and custodian of your cryptocurrencies!

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Provide a innovative service to your customers by offering bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in your business.
You do not need any special software ... just an Internet connection and a printer.

Apply for registration as Bitnovo Point through our form for professionals and an advisor will provide you with all the necessary information to sell bitcoin and cryptocurrencies .
Keep the advantage of being on the crest of the technological revolution!

Innovate and empower your business by offering Cryptocurrencies

There are many advantages of having a Cryptocurrency ATM in your business:
- Attract new customers and expand your business;
- Generate new opportunities and expectations;
- Secured commissions for your top up;
- You'll be on the top of the technological innovation;
- Offer vouchers redeemable for a wide range of cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, dash, litecoin, ether... and many more.

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Bitnovo blog, news and actuality about cryptocurrencies

The world surrounding bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is updated at breakneck speed, just like new technologies.

We love technology and the world of cryptocurrencies and like to be aware of the latest news and updates on these two sectors, to share with you our knowledge in our blog.

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Why choose bitnovo for your Bitcoin operations?

1. Because we provide a secure platform with personalized support, with support and personalized attention in English, Italian and Spanish. You can count on us during the whole process. And if this is your first bitcoin purchase, do not worry, you're in good hands!

2. Because we are stick to the last news and changes of the bitcoin market, so that you can be perfectly advised. We spend all days analyzing the actual situation of bitcoin from the main traders of the world and studying their strategies. We follow the movements of the bitcoin market, its evolution and details to then be able to tell you about it in a simple way.

3. Because we have a wide coverage of services, ranging from the punchase of bitcoins in physical ATMs, to their exchange for legal currency. In other words, you can easily buy your bitcoins and if you want to convert them into money, you just have to use our Bitcard to buy in any commerce that accepts card payment or withdraw money at any ATM.

4. Because we have an exclusive service where you'll be able to transform easily your cryptocurrency into physical money.

5. Because our Bitcoin philosophy is open-minded and even though you're not yet a client, you can ask us any questions you may have. We are passionate about the world of bitcoin and we love to share our knowledge with other enthusiasts of this cryptocurrency.

6. Because you'll have your bitcoin in record time in your wallet. More than fast, we are efficient.

Finally, as you may have been able to verify, Bitnovo.com is a brand that sells bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies easily, quickly and safely from Spain to all over the world, but it is also a shared knowledge platform about Bitcoin culture.

If you are newcomer to the bitcoin world, we have prepared for you a Bitcoin Guide for newbies, designed for those who are beginning to know and understand Bitcoin and the world of the blockchain.

We have a Bitcoin Professional platform to sell bitcoins in your business.

And if you want to know a little more about us, here we leave you some info about Bitnovo and its origins.

Do you want to buy cryptocurrencies in physical stores? Use the store locator to find those closest to you.

Finally we remind you that the free Bitnovo App is already available for IOS and Android.